Important tips for teaching your beloved the Art of Slow Sex

June 18th, 2019 | Tantric Massage

The ultimate guide to Slow Sex

A vast majority of women today simply can’t orgasm, even though they partake in sex regularly, while many believe it to be a myth like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. However, there are some women who claim to orgasm every time they engage in sex, which is why decided to find out what made them experience the big O. The key it seems for women to enjoy sex and get an orgasm lies in taking things ultra-slow, since it allows them to emotionally connect with their partner and therefore experience phenomenal sex.

Like most things that are worth experiencing, an orgasm also requires patience and dedication, which is why ‘slow sex’ is gaining rapidly in popularity. Taking things slowly in the bedroom and allowing sex to build up is more satisfying for women, since they generally take some time to get aroused enough to climax. It is also an individual thing, since some women can orgasm easily, while others may require more time. Communication is very important to enjoy ‘slow sex’, and you need to be relaxed and comfortable enough to communicate to your partner that your sex isn’t performance based.

So in order to help you and your partner engage in sex that actually makes you orgasm, we have decided to provide you with some important tips on the art of slow sex.

Gaze into your eyes

When you get into bed, and are engaging in foreplay, sensually gaze into your partner’s eyes without breaking contact. This isn’t meant to be a staring contest, but is meant to connect both you and your partner, since you need to be on the same level. It is okay to blink and smile, while gazing into each other’s eyes, and you might even fight it a bit challenging to keep at it. However, once you keep gazing into each other’s eyes, you will definitely feel a spark, which is where your emotional connections are on the same level.

Breathe gently together

Once you get comfortable staring into your partner’s eyes, simply breathe together and match your breathing. You can even place your hand on his heart and have him do the same, so that your body’s, your heart rates, and your breathing are all aligned.

Cuddle against one another

Now enjoy some light cuddle time, and dedicate around 30 minutes to just cuddling and snuggling with your partner with your clothes on. Make sure that you don’t go past ‘second base’, but you can engage in light kissing and petting. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it last the full 30 minutes, since you or partner may get impatient. Remember this is just to lighten things up, relax and build things up to the main event.

Massage one another

Now you can bring out the massage oils and lotions and take turns to give each other back rubs and full body tantric massages. You should ensure that you apply moderate pressure and slow strokes, which linger on their skin and tickles them. It is important that you don’t give in to your urges at this stage, and keep at it till both of you have massaged one another.