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Sensual Massage London

Sensual massage is a highly erotic massage procedure associated with delicate sensual touch. As the name suggests, sensual massage is a type of massage that focuses on sexual pleasure and is carried out when both the masseuse and the receiver are totally nude. This helps the masseuse transfer sensuality to the receiver’s body as it entails erotic stimulation through the power of delicate and sensual touches.

In today’s world, people are getting busier with their life and have no time to relax, making life stressful, and that’s where sensual massage makes for a great release and escape from the day to day stresses. One of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have is through sensual massage when provided in an honest and non-judgmental way. As the body becomes more sensually aroused, the tension and anxiety are reduced. Some of the ways in which we excel as a sensual massage provider are the way that we provide this service which include:

Quality Massage Oils: this is the crucial part of the sensual massage. Use oils that can stay lubricated for a long period and the one that smells nice plus avoid the ones that irritate the skin. There are different sample of oil to choose from. Sandalwood oil helps in increasing libido, Rose oil smells great and is traditionally used for romance, greased oil because it doesn’t irritate the skin, it is highly recommended for sensual massage.

Set the mood: never attempt sensual nude massage without setting the right mood. To feel completely relaxed the environment must be perfect. Prepare a quiet, warm, comfortable room with no disturbance. Play relaxing music and dim the lights and also through candles and incense get the room smelling sexy and providing that calming influence which is essential for a genuine sensual massage.

Why Thy This Therapy?

All kinds of massages helps the body to relax and refresh, but our London sensual massage has a long lasting effect on the body because it’s done in a very controlled and most careful manner. Benefits of sensual massage are:

  • Allows you to explore pleasure in creative new ways.
  • Creates a connection between the receiver and the giver
  • Activates and awakens the senses of the whole body.
  • Allows oneness to emerge.
  • Uses movement, sound and breathing techniques which awakens full body orgasm.

Compression, kneading and stroking are the commonly used techniques for performing sensual massage that helps in treating premature ejaculation, regulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body and promotes fertility in both sexes. Although most people term sensual massage as immoral and out of boundaries, when done in the correct way, it strengthens relationships and promotes well being.

Our Sensual Massage Studio in London

Erotic Tantric Massage is  the number one sensual massage london parlor and we offer tantric, sensual and erotic massage that you enjoy at affordable rates and we have experienced masseuses who are stunningly hot and friendly.

Our customers are guaranteed quality massage that gives total satisfaction and with complete discretion. We are dedicated to what we do. We have many different sexy massage therapists that will offer the kind of massage you want and in the process awaken sexual and physical energy in the body.

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