Tantric Massage Piccadilly

Fancy some Tantric Massage in the Piccadilly area? It is the  perfect place to enjoy authentic relaxing and refreshing massage treatment. If someone is feeling like they have lost sexual drive and needs a good body massage that will refresh the mind and body, bring but the intimacy in everyday life, then this is the right place. Piccadilly offers a place to indulge yourself with our special masseuse who treat client’s with love. Offered massage:

Lingam massage. – This type of massage is only meant for men. The goal of lingam massage is to offer moments of pure ecstasy which will satisfy and invigorate the body.

Erotic Body to body massage -This is one of the erotic technique where every part of the body is stimulated with sensual touch. Our therapist uses specific oils with every touch and stroke work magic to improve client’s well being. Massage sessions relax the body, protecting it from disease like diabetes, heart attack, high blood.

We also offer other types of massage like prostate, four hands massage, and sensual massage all at our customer’s satisfaction. Our nude massage sessions are performed to clear blockage of emotions and feeling to improve the flow of blood and energy to every part of the body.